so today i decided to try something new lol? i decided to buy 2 abuja braids  i plaited them myself and after tying my hair into a ponytail, i added the braid and then rolled it around the knot of my hair to form a sweet bun😍



twists for a simple day

so many of the naturalists are used to tying their hair into a puff but today i decided to try something new…. just washed my hair normally, and after conditioning i applied olive oil and braided it into some “matutas to avoid shrinkage 😐….after undoing the matutas i then tie the hair into bun but this time i section my hair such that the front part isn’t tied into the bun…. i twist the remaining hair into four twists and add beads as desired for a sweet look😍.

simple pre-poo and oily face skin care

so many people ask whats a prepoo and its simply a pre-shampoo. mostly done a day before your daily hair wash routine… so i decided to do a prepoo on my hair and i used natural products at home


2)avocado and

3)olive oil

i mixed the three products together, then sectioned my hair into four sections and i applied the mixture on my hair. then i used a shower cap to cover my head for 12hrs before i washed it…….. “dont worry, i did this on a Saturday so i was free”😊😊

i then moved to my face and since its oily i decided to use a mixture of tomato 🍅,honey 🍯 and lemon🍋 to make a mask…. i took a tablespoon of each and after mixing i applied if on my face and left it to dry…. trust me the results were, wow😍

after my simple pre-poo, i just washed my hair with mosara(sulphate-free shampoo), then used the new hydrating butter/conditioner to detangle my hair. and to make sure the moisture remains in my hair i braided my hair into 4 “matutas “overnight

Short hair styling

Have you been wondering what to do now u’ve acquired the big chop? It’s really easy to style your short hair before it grows to a better length… I opted for “baby locks” The outcome was really great and making the babylocks it’s really easy and takes less of you time at homeYou only need to

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner thoroughly
  • Dry it and leave it a little damp
  • Use  a dry towel to twist your hair until it ties up or curls up and there should be some soap foam in your hair for you to achieve tighter locks

My natural hair journey.

y’all tired of edges breakage, weaves, wigs and braids, worried about your forehead? Running low of salon finances, You shouldn’t be anymore because I got you in this journey. 

  • Well, my journey began back in 2016october and I was so tired of complains and I wanted a new start… They say if you want the perfect outlook then you got to I just visited my” kinyozi “went for the big chop “fyuu”…and there I was mourning for my darling hair but nevertheless the sacrifice was worth it after a while Screenshot_2017-11-13-23-07-39natural hair is the style nowadays,natural is Beauty. “just imagine on a Monday morning when u have all the Monday blues and you are running late all you need to do is is way your hair wipe in the shower 🚿 and humming you favourite song, dry and comb it and you are ready to go…. No need of olive sprays, hairfood, etc…. Just natural, short and lovely hair for you ladies.